Concrete Residential Housing Initiative Addresses Dramatic Rise in 10-year Storms

Foreverhome™ Offers Affordable, Reliable Housing Solution for Storm-stricken Regions


Waukesha, Wis. (August 24th, 2012) – The dramatic rise in 10-year and even 100-year storms was noted even before the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, however it was Katrina that put the need for hurricane-resistant homes into the spotlight. To address this growing need, a housing initiative, Foreverhome™, was inspired that offers concrete housing solutions for families throughout the Gulf Coast, as well as other areas known for harrowing weather conditions.


Although the benefits of Foreverhome are numerous, one of the most notable is that the homes are hurricane and storm surge resistant, designed to exceed the recommendations for flood and wind loads specified in FEMA 550 and ASCE 7-02. It is expected the structural shell of the home can withstand winds in excess of 170 mph.

“There’s no dispute that concrete is the ideal housing solution to address the increase of devastating storms. Its strength and integrity is unparalleled, however the drawback has always been cost,” says John Nagy, president and CEO of Spancrete. “But now, Foreverhome designed a series of concrete homes for under $170,000. For the first time, concrete residential construction is an option for all families looking to purchase a home.”

Almost three years in the making, Foreverhome is the collaboration of a handful of business owners who have teamed to develop an affordable, reliable means of residential construction concrete. With Spancrete in the lead, Foreverhome designed a concrete home that utilizes an innovative, patented system that delivers all the benefits of concrete construction for the affordable price of $135,000 to $170,000 each, depending on the model. That price is move-in ready and includes finished interiors.

What makes Foreverhome so structurally sound is a foundation comprised of a unique system of grade beams and columns that anchor the home to the site, providing the strength to withstand extreme storm surge and ensuring the dwelling portion of the house extends ABOVE the base flood elevation. The homes also feature a patented insulated concrete roof system for additional strength and stability.

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