Storm Resistant Concrete Homes

Hurricane-Resistant Concrete Home Building Materials

Foreverhome™ is an engineered concrete home designed for residential construction in areas commonly faced with destructive hurricanes and sudden storm-surges. These innovative structures are built with precast concrete segments capable of standing up to even the most destructive storms and flood conditions, ensuring your safety and security.

Insulated Precast Concrete Roofs

Foreverhome™ roofs are built with individual precast gable-shaped sections complete with ribs capable of supplying the flexural strength needed for spanning the entire structure and a 5-inch thick layer of rigid insulation. Gutters are cast into the exterior roof sections and the joints between the roofing sections are sealed to stop water intrusion. The entire roof is covered with an additional membrane to further improve the overall waterproof characteristics.

Insulated Precast Concrete Walls

The precast walls used in every Foreverhome™ are designed with 3 inches of continuous rigid insulation and are built to provide strength with both gravity and horizontal forces. A wide range of exterior design options, such as brick and lap siding, are available thanks to interchangeable form liners. Electrical conduits and plumbing pipes can be integrated into the panels to speed up the on-site construction process.

Precast Concrete Floors and Staircases

Foreverhome™ floors are constructed with Spancrete Hollowcore™ prestressed concrete planks and are available with standard widths of 4 or 8 feet and 6 or 16-inch thicknesses. Each plank is designed and cut based on the specifications of its intended structure and features a specially shaped edge designed to share load-bearing responsibilities and create a tight seal. The Spancrete Hollowcore™ flooring is supported by L-shaped concrete beams built around the perimeter of the structure that can be cantilevered over the columns for porches and decks.The exterior concrete staircases are cast with the upper landing and are supported by the concrete foundation, creating a structurally sound entrance and exit from the home safe from flooding.

The entire building is finalized with a watertight seal around all the edge, joints and any other areas where moisture intrusion could become an issue with concrete grouting and Andersen Window Corporation’s line of Stormwatch Series® high-impact, hurricane-resistant windows and doors.

While the average custom designed and built concrete home is beyond the reach of the average homeowner, Foreverhome™ concrete structures are constructed with a patented and highly innovative system which delivers all the benefits of a concrete home at a far more approachable price point. This price includes move-in ready status and finished interiors. On top of the affordable pricing, Foreverhome™ buildings offer exceptional energy efficiency and are up to 50% less costly when compared to standard houses.

Contact the storm resistant concrete home material manufacturers at Foreverhome™ today for more information on the benefits of owning a precast concrete home.
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