Storm Resistant Concrete Homes

Storm Resistant Concrete Homes Built by the Best

Foreverhome™ Mission Statement

The Foreverhome™ mission is to provide the Eastern Seaboard and Gulf Coast regions of the United States with homes that will stand in the face of record breaking forces of wind and water surge. Homes that are affordable, insurable and LEED certified with a low cost of ownership.

Foreverhome™ is a home designed and developed to satisfy the needs of homeowners concerned about the effects of extreme weather, damage and the high cost of insurance.

These hurricane- and storm-surge resistant homes are architecturally distinctive, environmentally responsible, energy efficient and completely insurable. Foreverhome will provide families with the pride of ownership and the peace of mind associated with knowing you, your possessions and the people you care about the most are safe during even the worst of storms.

Foreverhome™ is committed to providing residents of the Eastern Seaboard and Gulf Coast areas with homes designed to provide comfort, safety and shelter to homeowners in the face of powerful winds, damaging waters and destructive debris.

Our Precast Concrete Homes are:

  • Built to exceed the recommendations of the Federal
    Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • Built to exceed the International Code Council (ICC)
  • Certified “Fortified” by the Institute of Business and Home Safety (IBHS)
  • LEED Certified

Take a look through our projects gallery or read up on how precast concrete homes are the best possible choice for those living in hurricane and storm-surge affected areas and then look to see if there are any precast concrete home construction groups in your area.

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